The Project Team

Louis Thibault
Project Manager, or whatever you call the guy whose idea this was...
Also the lead developer, so this project is fsck-ed.
He is perhaps best described as a graduate student in cognitive neuroscience who hones his programming skills by attempting to develop games.  He should probably be doing school work, or at least writing Matlab code instead of tooling around with python-ogre.

Kacey Spadafora
The starving artist who earned his title of Lead Writer by demonstrating some semblance of creative skill (and by proofreading posts that illiterate programmers attempt to publish).
He is head of Creative Design, and an accomplished programmer who can code "Hello World" with fewer than 3 compiling errors almost every time.  That said, we keep him in the writing room without any access to the source code.

Brian Baumann

Resident 3D Modeler and Texture Artist.  If the enemy is beating you down and you feel compelled to blame it on their "stupid-ass faces," it's this guy's fault as he's the one who made their faces so stupid-ass in the first place.  Basically, this is the person to blame if you hate the game in any form.
He's currently studying to hone his skills and lending his talents to Project Orbit in exchange for a few magic beans leaves, which he'll get if he behaves himself.
He claims to be able to solve a Rubik's cube in under two minutes, making him a more qualified programmer than Louis.

Joe Chilcott
Joe is a music technology and electronic composition student at Duquesne University.  If you hate synthesized music, you probably hate Joe.  We have no taste, so we're glad he's there to make our game noisy.
He's apparently excited to be working on a big project that's going somewhere, which is good, because somebody has to be...

Michael Martinez
As a self-described "person that others like to mess with," Mike is an integral part of our team's psychological health.

Apart from that, he's the other guy you can blame if the graphics suck.  His steam account contains 250+ games, so there should be plenty of material for him to rip off use for inspiration, but he claims to enjoy "building something from nothing.  We're all holding our breath!

Your Mom
Because game development ain't easy...