Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Humble Hello from the Humble Writer

I thought I would take this moment to introduce myself and what I'll be bringing to this developer's blog. While Louis will be the one primarily updating you on the mechanics and balance and fun part of the game, I'll be updating you on that part of every game that always feels just the tiniest bit like homework: narrative and back story.

As the development goes on I'll be posting a variety of story-based information ranging from "Hey guys, what should I name this dude?" to "Here's 43 pages of backstory on Geraldo Finnian, that one guy who died in the medical hut during the third paragraph of the one journal entry from the prologue!"

Currently, I'm working on nailing down the bigger picture of who, what, when, where of all of it, and once I get something concrete to show you all, you can be certain to find it here.

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