Saturday, October 15, 2011

Where does Project Orbit Fit In?

Company of Heroes
features a company skill
tree.  Players can choose
between three company types
that offer various in-game skills.
It's hard to be concrete in pre-alpha stages of development, but we believe Project Orbit has a niche. Many games implement one particular aspect of the "ideal" RTS, but none manage to avoid becoming repetitive over time.
We think we have a basic formula that should make this the idea RTS game in terms of immersion and strategic interest:
  • Large scale with appropriate zooming tools and powerful UI at all scales
  • A relatively low unit cap, which should make micromanagement easier
  • In order to encourage detailed interaction, units perform precise roles and multi-role units suffer serious drawbacks
  • Diverse economy
  • Multiple win conditions
  • Dynamic and real-time unit-unit and group interactions

We also have a few ideas we’re toying with:
  • Micro-level cover system where units can take cover behind terrain features
  • Non-static sight radius of units: units line-of-sight is decreased by certain features (dense trees, ambient fog, day/night, smoke and particulate debris,...)
  • A skill tree whereby in-game achievements and combat is converted into points which can be used to purchase specialized skills and bonuses for that match.  This should encourage synergistic cooperative play in large multiplayer games.
What do you think? Any games that deserve honorable mention? Any problems with our analysis? Any suggestions?

Let us know in the comments!

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