Friday, November 4, 2011

Tension Rises

Commander’s Log (December 26, E3032)

Interception has been confirmed. Initial theories involve rogue Work-Class engineers working on unregistered terminals. The IS is insisting on a thorough investigation and complete secrecy, while the Work-Class cries ever louder for transparency to remain, as promised. Though I agree they should be informed, I have no authority over the IS. As the months go on, however, it’s become harder to take protocol seriously.

3 years 101 days.

Commander’s Log (December 28, E3032)

Paranoia is spreading. With transparency compromised, the Work-Class is left to rumors and speculation. They seem to have reached the conclusion that no one in the IS will even acknowledge as a possibility. Numerous Work-Class units have begun scanning for UCBs, many more have attempted unauthorized access to the IS network resulting in IS retaliation. Unless an answer is found soon or the IS re-installs transparency, Terminus will be at risk of a level of disorder that the colony cannot survive.

3 years 103 days.

As mentioned before, humans have never encountered an alien race in all of their exploration of the Milky Way, and as such, the thought of ever finding them has diminished into almost a joke. This is why what's happening to Commander Brewer a turning point, and why he, as well as other leaders, remain skeptical, as well as why paranoia and fear are spreading like wildfire and why Commander Brewer is so desperate solve it.

In my next post, I will explain why Terminus is in such a desperate position.

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