Tuesday, October 25, 2011

An Empty Frontier

Humanity had long since given up on the idea of extraterrestrial life. With the advent of interplanetary travel and colonization, astronomers assumed it was only a matter of time before the human race came in contact with another form of intelligent life. To prepare for this, and to solidify the human influence in the universe, the Intergalactic Federation of Humanity was created. This Federation acted as a union between the countries of the world that had no real influence on Earth, but determined that all extra-planetary colonization would be created under the new government.

In 2798, after hundreds of years and humanity stretching its influence across the Milky Way, however, the numbers of citizens living in and born to the IFH outnumbered the population on Earth, and as a result, the IFH became the reigning and official government of all humanity including the nations on Earth. National and local governments still held power within themselves, but were all united under the IFH.

However, the life that was expected to be found had never shown its face. Earth, as far as the humans could tell, was unique in its ability to create intelligent life. Life-seeking protocols were becoming a thing of a joke, and the idea of intelligent extraterrestrial life were fading into myth and superstition.

This history jumps back nearly 900 years before my previous post to briefly describe some details of humanity's history before the invention of the Marco-Erickson gate that would propel humanity further into space than was thought possible. Humanity had united itself under one flag to prepare themselves for the future of inter-species relations which had never come to be.

Obviously, this changes, but it's important to note humanity's history with the idea of extra-terrestrial life in order to understand how the narrative plays out in the future once humanity has begun exploring the unknown depths of space, beginning with Commander Brewer and the Terminus colony.

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