Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Development Milestones

I have put together a list of development milestones.

This list is essentially a chronological road map with narrowly defined objectives to help track progress.  The idea is to have something concrete to work towards, and to be able to quantify our progress on the basis of "steps completed."

It's not the most rigorous scheduling approach in the world, and to be honest the release dates will probably move around a lot, but we figure it's good for our work ethic.

The first milestone will be an unimpressive (but necessary) proof-of-concept for our game engine.  Colloquially, we're calling this the environmental proof-of-concept, and it will implement the following:

  • Moving a single entity across a plane with obstacles
  • Line-of-sight (a.k.a. Fog of War)
  • 1 v 1 combat
Our second milestone will simply build on this:
  • Move multiple entities
  • Rudimentary micromanagement
  • n vs. n combat
From there, we're going to attempt to implement the full scale of the environment, economics, advanced micro-macro managment, etc... But more on those parts later in the months to come.

Be sure to check the roadmap tag for all updates concerning the development timeline.  For now, we're hoping to have the first environmental proof-of-concept ready by mid January.

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