Saturday, October 22, 2011

Introducing the Sigmoid Studios Logo!

Reddit's /r/picrequests page is awesome.

A few days ago I made a post asking for a bit of help with logo design.  Two people responded very quickly, each with their own take on the Sigmoid Studios logo.

I decided to use crisd6506's design, because the graphical style reminded me of the pixel art from the games I grew up with.  Spending a large portion of one's childhood in the 90's has a lasting effect it seems...

In any case, the logo is pictured here.  I asked crisd if he had a website I could link to, and he replied in the negative.  He did mention, however, that he has a rusted virtual coin jar he likes to wave around.

On behalf of Sigmoid Studios, thank you so much for your help, crisd!  May the upvotes and karma be plentiful!

The other design, as it turns out, will be used for Project Orbit.  More on that later, but suffice to say it really fits the project name.

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