Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Contributor: Michael Martinez

Before introducing Mike Martinez, I just want to clear up the studio member vs. contributor distinction:  functionally, there isn't really any.

Because we want to keep the team small and work in a roundtable (rather than hierarchical) manner, I originally intended to put a freeze on official affiliates during early stages of development.  In other words, one person assigned to each role (programming, writing, modelling and animation, etc...)

Of course, all that changed when Mike was recommended to me.  To make room without further compromising my weak ethics, I decided to add a section of "contributors".  Contributors are just those who are busier than the rest of us, but whose help we're still thrilled to have.

Anyway, meet Mike!

Mike is finishing up school in Santa Rosa, CA.  This is where the majority of his animation and modeling skills come from, and he's trying (like many of us here) to break into the gaming industry.  Mike will initially work on static models (buildings, scenery).

He is a self-described person that others love to mess with (mwahahahaha) and someone who thoroughly enjoys building something out of nothing.  That's just the kind of person we need here!

With his Steam account of 250+ games, he's probably a qualified beta tester, too.

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